Five Factors to Consider While Planning a Vineyard Wedding

The lush green environment combined with delicious wine makes everyone fall in love with the idea of a vineyard wedding. Vineyard weddings are indeed special and out of the ordinary when you choose the right Swan Valley wedding venues. Read on and find out some important factors to be considered for a memorable and luxurious wedding in one of the best vineyards of Perth.

  • The wedding setup

Vineyards offer a beautiful wedding set-up throughout the year. But if you have already imagined your wedding photos with bunches of fresh green grapes, then you probably need to plan the big day before the harvest season. The vineyard changes through every season of the year and every venues in Germany seasonal change looks beautiful in its own way. Talk to the wedding co-ordinator to find out which season best suits your wedding vision.

  • Choosing a mix of colours for the wedding

The right choice of colours elevates the ambiance of the vineyard wedding venues in Swan Valley Perth. While most guests allow the fresh green of the vineyards to speak for itself, little do they realise that a touch of hot pink or bright orange to the wedding setup can bring about a whole new sparkle. Since the vineyard in the background is quite plain, guests can feel free to consider subtle themes for the wedding too.

  • Experiment with music

An evening in one of the best luxury wedding venues of Swan Valley Perth does not have to be necessarily marked with the classic acoustics that happens in every other wedding. Opt for music that is more upbeat and smooth. It does not matter if you choose to host the wedding in the outdoor space or in a small room within the vineyard, be certain to check the quality of music well in advance.

  • Check about privacy with your wedding co-ordinator

The vineyard generally has a set of activities happening around it and has guests and other people visiting it for different purposes. Check with the wedding co-ordinator about their plans for offering optimal privacy to the guests using the Swan Valley wedding venues within the vineyard. Also ensure that all guests are offered good, private rooms and there are arrangements made for the elderly too.

  • Is there a Plan B?

If you are planning for a vineyard wedding in the outdoors, then it is recommended to have a plan B. Bad weather can hit the grounds during any season of the year and obviously you do not want to fall victim to it on your big day. Discuss with the venue representatives to ensure you have options to fall back to.