Things You Should Know About Wheelchair Van Financing

Everyone deserves the ability to travel freely. For many people, this can be as easy as walking out of their home and jumping on their bike or in their car, but some people require more specialized equipment.  Those with limited mobility often face difficult choices and less options when trying to find transportation methods that are within their budgets. At Bussani Mobility, we know that in an ideal world, we would all be able to provide for our basic needs, and the reality that this doesn’t exist can be extremely frustrating. We know that finding reasonable wheelchair van financing can be difficult, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming, so we put together some options to get you started.

Traditional Wheelchair Van Financing

This is the most common form of wheelchair van financing, usually done through a bank or credit union. You can apply for a loan, and see if you are qualified to be loaned the amount that you need. Your eligibility depends on your credit and your income, but if you do end up qualifying, you should get a loan that is for 3-5 years. If you need a loan that lasts longer than the average length, they might be available through independent financers and other lending institutions.

Grants For Wheelchair Vans

This might be surprising to many who are looking for wheelchair vans, but there are a number of non-profits that offer financing help. It can take time to find the program that works for you, so don’t rush into any decisions. Start to look at organizations that lend aid or are directly involved with your particular disability. Even if those organizations don’t offer any grants for wheelchair vans, they have the resources to give you more direction to an organization that can help you.

Government Accessibility Support

There is a government program that is designed to help those with limited mobility to improve their lives, called PASS (Plan to Achieve Self-Success). For those that are interested in financing a wheelchair van in order to find a job and other life-improving activities, this program is a great option. Veterans also qualify for additional benefits to help financing, making financing a wheelchair van easier than ever for those looking to improve their lifestyle.

Never be afraid to ask questions about what options are available to you when looking to finance a wheelchair van. A qualified mobility specialist at Bussani Mobility will work with you to provide the best financial assistance available. We at Bussani Mobility look forward to helping you get mobile again, and getting you one step closer to living your independent lifestyle!