How to Visit Tuscany on a Budget

Tuscany has a reputation for being one of the more expensive European destinations. Tourists expect the very best when they visit this picturesque landscape in northeast Italy. From the luxurious villas in Tuscany to the world class resorts, it’s unsurprising why travelling here comes with a high price tag. But thousands of visitors explore each year without spending a fortune. Here’s how you can go to Italy’s most famous region on a budget.

Be Smart When You Choose Where to Stay

Florence is the number one hotspot in Tuscany. Do a quick search online,and you’ll find a lot of accommodation choices that come with a very steep price tag. And not to mention additional charges such as tourist taxes. If you want to stay in a comfortable place, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the value you want in the city centre. Instead, search onlineand you’ll find various vacation rentals on the outskirts of the city in more rural areas. These can be a bargain if you search and book at the right times. And public transport to the towns are reliable and will take tourists directly tothe city centre.

Rent a Bicycle Instead of a Car

Walk through the streets of Florence,and you’ll see lots of locals cycling through the city. There are several places to rent a bike for a few euros and it can be an excellent means of transport as you go sightseeing. Not only will you be getting some exercise and saving money on public transport and taxis but it also gives you a different perspective of the city. And this isn’t just available in Florence. It’s entirely possible to rent a bicycle and cycle to some of the nearby vineyards and explore Tuscany from the saddle.

Be Savvy When You Go Sightseeing

Regardless of where you’re staying in Tuscany, you’ll find plenty of attractions and things to do. But some come with a high price tag while others are free. If you want to marvel at the some of the historical and cultural beauty in Florence or Pisa, why not plan a walking tour around the city. Going inside the churches and cathedrals are free, and most have masterpieces decorating the walls anyway. The same is true for snappy photographs. Stroll through the streets,and you’ll stumble upon lots of hidden squares, fountains and architectural beauty. You don’t have to go to the museums and galleries in Tuscany to marvel at the region’s elegance.

Search Online for Discounts

Here’s an easy way to cut the costs of your trip: Take advantage of discounts. If you search online, you’ll find a few coupon websites such as Groupon offering everything from romantic dinners to half-price tickets at popular attractions. Some places may have early bird promotions to encourage people to sign up months in advance. Others may have free admission days or have a special offer on certain days of the week. Searching online for the best deals and offers are a great way to explore and experience Tuscany without spending a fortune. The deals are out there, you just need the time, patience and luck to stumble upon them.

Plan Your Trip

There are so many places to visit in Tuscany from the 250 kilometres of coastline to vineyards and medieval towns with ancient walls and towers. Instead of just turning up and going with the flow, come up with a rough outline of your itinerary. This way you can make sure that you see and experience everything you want to while getting the best value for money. If you suddenly decide one day you want to take a day trip somewhere, it can add up to the costs for public transport or arranging a tour. Compare this to planning before you get toTuscany where you know exactly how much it will cost and have an idea of what to expect. To put it simply, you need to plan unless you don’t mind wasting money.

Always Ask the Price in Restaurants

On the first appearance, this might sound like a strange suggestion. When you order food at a restaurant in Italy, most places will give you a basket of bread. It can be quite easy to assume that this bread is complimentary. But not all the restaurants give it to diners free or charge. Some will put the unexpected (and often shockingly high) charge onto your bill. And you’ll have to pay even if you didn’t eat or want it in the first place. Ask beforehand to make sure to avoid the hidden costs.

The next part of this point relates to some unscrupulous restaurants in Italy charging ridiculous prices for a somewhat basic meal. Search onlineand it won’t be difficult to find stories of tourists who were tricked into footing a bill coming to several hundreds of euros for their meal. Some of the restaurants in Tuscany might play this trick on tourists too. If the price isn’t advertised, always ask. And if the waiter or owner is ambiguous, you should leave. There’s nothing worse than being overcharged by a ridiculously large amount of money after failing to double check the price.

Is It Possible to Travel to Tuscany on a Budget?

With careful planning and a rough idea of how much the trip will cost, it’s possible to visit without spending a fortune. If you find a place to stay away from the city centre and make the most of the discounts, you’re much more likely to cut the costs of travel. Don’t expect it to be a budget travel destination and be prepared to spend a bit more. But savvy tourists can save a lot of money and visit on a budget.