The Best Places to Check Out in Chikmagaluru, Karnataka

Thinking of a dreamy state of mind? Think Chikmagaluru. A hill town not too far from Bangalore gives some serious chills when it comes to breathtaking views, envy green mountains, mystical waterfalls and stunning temples. So bringing you a list of the places to check out for when you plan your next trip there! It is advised to get a bike and head over there, as the roads are tyre licking good, and if you don’t have one, it is as easy as eating pie to get a motorbike from a Motorcycle rentals in Bangalore which is hardly 245 km away. Let’s get this awesome list started then shall we!


Sitting at a height of around 1950 meters, Mullayanagiri stands tall as the highest peak in Karnataka. A great trekking destination as well as suitable for camping, it offers some of the greatest views you may have seen, at least better than anyone could give you.


A sea of enticing hills, Kudremukh promises good things for trekking enthusiasts. Also hosting waterfalls and lakes alongside breathtaking views, this is one walk you wouldn’t want to miss if you visit Chikmagaluru.

Hebbe Falls

At a height of 168 meters, Hebbe Falls is a beloved tourist attraction of Chikmagaluru. Although not easily accessible, it makes for a great spot to chill and zone out at or enjoy a family picnic. But be warned, head over to Hebbe Falls only if you want good vibes!

VeeraNarayana Temple

Built by Hoysala Kings, VeeraNarayana Temple is an ancient piece of astonishing architecture. Its walls are filled with cultural art of that era and is a great place to get in touch with the past.

Coffee Museum

A dream come true for coffee lovers, the Coffee Museum at Chikmagaluru gives beautiful insight into the world and history of coffee. A wonderful visit for those that do, this museum is pure delight and is open from 10am to 6pm.

Hirekolale Lake

An awesome place to snooze your troubles away, Hirekolale Lake makes sure you feel that warm fuzzy feeling when you’re standing next to it. Bordered by glorious hills it makes for a sweet spot to lay back and relax.

Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is quite a famous place and above is a photo of the ridge you have to cross to reach its peak. At the peak, travelers can find a shrine of great significance for Hindus, Muslims and Parsis. A little outside Chikmagaluru, one could easily rent a bike online from Bangalore to get to Chikmagaluru and use it to get here. All in all, this place makes for some camping as well as great views too!

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