It is practically forbidden to go down to Andalusia and not enjoy an evening of the sound of deep song and the most beautiful dance on Earth.  In the summer, Andalusia is full of festivals and dances to the sound of the best flamenco.

We have made a selection of the August festivals to ensure that your music travels to the south are a whirlwind of emotions; song, dance, and music are doubly passionate down there.

IV Biennial of Flamenco Art of Málaga

From February 17 to September 20, the province of Málaga hosts the flamenco macrofestival of the year.  More than 200 artists participate in this event from across the three disciplines: song, dance, and guitar music.

La Moneta, El Pipa, Antonio Canales, José Mercé, Eva la Yervabuena, Farruquito, Argentina, Marina Heredia, and El Pele are, among other greats, the artists who accompany Málaga summer nights.

Flamenco Evening of Snow

On August 4 and 5, the wonderful town of Cádiz welcomes Fernando Canela, Rafael del Zambo, Fabiola Pérez, Titi Flores, and David Palomar.  This edition is especially relevant since the festival will award the singer David Palomar with the Gold Medal.  In addition, this festival features the advice of the Arcense poet and flamencologist Antonio Murciano.  It’s not just any festival!

XLIII Flamenco Night in Vejer de la Frontera

Continuing in Cádiz, the source of flamenco, we go all the way to Vejer de la Frontera.  There, the Murallas (or Walls) de la Segur become the bosom and stage of one of the most special nights of Vejer.  The poster brings together singers like el Niño de la Fragua, guitar music of artists such as Antonio Higuero, and the dance “Al sus del sur” and its flamenco representation.

On August 22, one of the most beautiful towns of Cádiz invites you to spend a magical night among its mural walls that, you should know, have been declared “of national tourist interest.”  Their beauty will envelope all of your senses.

Cante de la Mina Festival

We take a bit of a detour on our Andalusian route and head to Murcia to present to you the best flamenco festival, without a doubt, in all of Spain.  Its prestige has crossed borders, and the eyes and ears of the international community are set on this great show of flamenco art where you can learn how to play flamenco music.

From August 5 to 15, the 55th edition of this event is celebrated.  It is a show that brings together more than thirty disciplines and artists linked to the world of flamenco: photography, literature, gastronomy, art, song, music, and dance come together with the Regional Tourism Fair, which is held on the Avenida del Flamenco, to offer a cultural program of incredible quality.  For both admirers and fans of this art, the Cante de la Mina Festival is a must.


Miguel Dumont Garcia is an expert in dance and music travels. He is the founder of, a travel agency that is specialized in music and dance travels.