Impressive Reasons You Shouldn’t Visit Agra Only For the Iconic Taj Mahal

Planning a tour to the ancient city of Agra? It is obvious to be super excited about the love monument Taj Mahal. After all, this is a hot favorite among millions of tourists across the globe. However, there are many reasons you should visit Agra for more than the iconic Taj. Listed below are some of the super exciting must-do things in Agra. And these are definitely as exciting as a visit to Taj Mahal, if not more:

  1. Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Have you heard of this before? This is about twenty kilometers from the main city of Agra. You would love to be at the biggest bear rehabilitation centre of India. This is the place where rescued animals get a complete health check-up. These beautiful souls are also given medical aid when needed. The facility is located with the popular Sur Sarovar Bird Santuary, Keetham in the city. It is open for visitors all 7 days in a week during daytime. If you love animals, you may take a walk inside the center and even choose to sponsor an animal of your choice. The donation will be used for providing care of a bear. This step will also help conserve the environment. The place boating also offers opportunity of boating. A variety of species of bear and birds is a visual treat for all animal lovers.

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  1. Handicrafts Emporiums

These places are not to be ignored on your visit to the city of Taj. Here, you would find the most exquisite handicrafts crafted in precision from pure white marble. The items are in huge demand both in India and abroad. One look at these beautiful items and you will be spellbound by the intricate work on the sparkling white stone. The pristine stone is exquisitely and perfectly chiseled by experience craftsmen into striking shapes. You would get the best of bangles, earrings, bangles, trinket boxes, trunks and much more here. The shops are located at Sadar Bazaar and various outlets adjacent to famous historical places such as Fateh Pur Sikri, Agra Fort, and Sikandra. Don’t forget to compare prices and bargain prior to making the purchase.

  1. Delectable Cuisine at Seth Gali

Your Taj Mahal tour is incomplete without a visit to Seth Gali. This is the place you will be served with some of the mouthwatering delicacies of Agra. Thronged mainly by foodies, Seth Gali is located in the heart of the city. It is a narrow street that won’t regret walking into. You may even hire a cycle rickshaw or an auto rickshaw to reach destination. The entire Gali is impressively lined with vendors selling the best of varieties of sweets, chaat, paranthas, and a number of other local Agra cuisines. Don’t forget to try them all during your trip. These will definitely tempt your taste buds and leave you hungry for more.

  1. Shoe Market

Most people are not aware but Agra is home to one of the biggest shoe exporters group all over India. No wonder you would see mounts of amazing shoes lying on the roadside at affordable prices. A fan of Prada or Gucci but can’t afford these fancy brands? Go for these super attractive pure leather shoes sold in Agra markets including Raja Ki Mandi, Kinari Bazaar, and Sadar Bazar. You would be amazed to see all shapes and sizes of beautiful shoes at vendors who sell them cheap as these are manufactured in local shoe factories. Do not forget to visit markets situated on roads such as M.G. Road, Cantt area, Fatehabad Road, Mall Road etc.

  1. Taj Mahotsav Fair

This beautiful fair is held annually in the month of February. During this time, the city of Agra comes alive with skilled artisans from across the country. Tourists can benefit from the masterpieces crafted by accomplished craftsmen from across the nation who flock the city with their merchandises. These are sold to eager visitors at the Taj Mahotsav fair. One of the best things the weather is welcoming during the fair. Organized at Shilpgram close to the iconic Taj Mahal, this event is perfect for purchasing dinning sets crafted in wood, embroidered dresses, adorable Mysore silk, and a wide range of other ethnic good.