Thailand Tour Packages: 6 Weird and Spooky Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is known the world over as a beautiful travel destination. Travellers are familiar with its clear blue beaches, nightlife, adventure and shopping destinations. But have you heard of Thailand for being a spooky destination? You heard it right! Thailand is also known to have many weird and spine-chilling locations that are mostly unheard of. Here’s a list of six such places for you that you must visit during your cheap Thailand packages from Mumbai.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Known as the Thailand Hell Horror Park, this temple is unlike any Buddhist temple you’ve visited before. The entrance welcomes you with a sign that reads, ‘Welcome to Hell’ followed by huge statues called Pretas. These depict tortured souls living in hell or Naraka. Human sins and sinners are depicted through the statues placed in the open galleries of the area. Apart from the creepiness there is a picturesque garden, a beach and a Thai hotel located close to the Hell Garden.

Sam Phan Bok

Sam Phan Bok recalls the tale of the dog that died while waiting for its master (a Governor). It’s believed that because of this very legend, there is a dog-shaped stone present at sight. Also to be found are rocks in different shapes and sizes and can be identified with actual symbols. Big water holes and rock holes give a strange vibe to this otherwise beautiful location. Be careful while taking a picture here!

Mae Nak Shrine

Mae Nak Shrine is associated with the legend of a Thai female ghost named Mae Nak. The story arises from betrayal by Nak’s husband and how she terrorised the locals after he fled. She is believed to be confined to the place after her death, which makes it nothing less of a horror story. Thailand Tour Packages can be availed to visit this location and get to know the entire story behind this legend.

Erawan Museum

The museum is famous for the three-headed Elephant statue which stands tall at 29 metres. This museum reflects a great deal of opulence, myths, religious sentiments and art. You cannot only look at history the way it is shown here— once you travel here, you are bound to think deeper and will want to know further about the story behind these mesmerising structures.

The Human Body Museum

Yes, you heard it right! This museum showcases 14 real human bodies that have been brought from Japan. It’s definitely an unnerving sight in the beginning but once digested, you can see the intricate details in the museum. You can get an understanding of the human body through the description about the various human body parts. Never would you have imagined your Thailand Holidays like this. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Koh Hingham

The black and white pebbles on this seashore look beautiful at first glance. But once you are familiar with the eerie stories, you will look at them differently. Legend has it that these stones are cursed and sneaking a stone means taking bad luck with you. Umm! You’d just want to look at them, right?

Apart from these, there are several other haunted locations in Thailand. While some have been declared haunted, others are just associated with stories. Visitors even go on to claim that they have seen spirits walking in the vicinity of haunted houses and walking trails. However, this haunted aspect of Thailand only excites the traveller. People come from the world over to enjoy Thailand Holidays with family and friends no matter what these stories are along with Singapore package. Such weird and spooky places go on to make Thailand a spine chilling, yet a popular tourist attraction.