Interesting Things to do After Renting Boat for a Trip in Tenerife

Tenerife is an excellent location for viewing marine life, including whales, dolphins, turtles, and a variety of fish. You should hire a boat to take in the entire views of the water. Hiring a host or hostess to assist with the yacht’s day-to-day operations is a simple approach to improving your yacht rental experience.

You can schedule a private boat trip Tenerife from Club Canary. Club Canary is a tour company that offers the most basic activities on the island. The company is known for its 5-star service and extensive experience in planning whale watching tours, boat rentals, water activities, and island excursions. The company focuses on providing activities for tourists in the south of the island, and it caters to individuals looking for fun, adventure, new locations to visit, overcoming anxieties, and meeting new people.

The Canaries have been a popular sailing destination for generations. You may sail to the neighbouring island of La Gomera from Tenerife. However, there are plenty of wonderful towns, volcanic views, and beaches in the surroundings to be found. You can sail here all year, accompanied by steady trade winds and sunlight whenever you choose to come.

Types of boat trips 


This boat provides an opportunity to explore the sea with a larger group of people. The boat was designed for boat trips since it has an adequate area to view the ocean. Even if you are sailing in severe winds, this boat has counterbalance cap size forces. You will get a better sight of dolphins and pilot whales swimming in the ocean. You’ll get a better glimpse of dolphins if you pay attention because they always pope all over the boat.

Sailing Yacht

This type of boat allows you more privacy and perfect boat journeys around Tenerife’s southern shore. You will learn how distinctive the southern part of Tenerife is with this yacht onboard. This vessel complies with all safety regulations. As a result, the boat is safe to board with your friends or family. In Tenerife, yachts are private boats that are more luxurious than other types of vessels.

Speed Boat

For those who want to see more in less time, speed boats are an excellent option. Because of the pace, you are essentially going faster through the waters of Tenerife, allowing you to explore more in less time. It’s obvious that moving more slowly allows you to have a more comfortable and peaceful experience without feeling rushed.

Things to Do in a Boat Trip

  • Experience scuba diving in the centre of the sea and enjoy spotting sea animals and species.
  • You can also enjoy snorkelling and kayaking. Some boats and cruises take you snorkelling after dolphin and whale watching.
  • Sea fishing is the best experience that a tourist can enjoy. sitting on a boat and exploring the quiet sea as well as catching fish along with family to enjoy that fish for dinner is all together with a different feeling.

If nothing, then you can also enjoy a romantic dinner with your spouse on a cruise. Some tour companies also provide a full-day boat for personal use.