Enjoy the Serenity of Bhutan by Planning a Trip on your Vacation


Have you been contemplating visiting Bhutan? Rest assured you would enjoy the serene beauty and clear weather with high mountains and swift rivers. On your visit to Bhutan, rest assured to enjoy a world of activities inclusive of camping, hiking, trekking, or simply enjoy your vacations in the mountains with your loved ones. It would be worth mentioning here that Bhutan is worth your time and effort.

The vast wilderness of the nation along with lakes, rivers, and streams, along with the incredible beauty of the Himalayas have become the major reasons for people from all over the world to visit the nation for a memorable vacation experience. Nonetheless, a majority of people might be skeptical about visiting Bhutan during their vacations. If you wonder, why you should visit Bhutan on your next vacation, read on.

Why should you travel to Bhutan?

Numerous reasons have been associated with your visit to Bhutan. Some of the reasons have been listed below.

  • Nature at its best

When it comes to natural beauty, rest assured that Bhutan has plenty to offer to its visitors. The destination has an abundance of beautiful regions you would relish exploring on your trip. It would not be wrong to suggest that Bhutan has laid its beauty all around while you travel from one destination to the other. However, it would be imperative that you should find the right time to plan your trip to this awe-inspiring nation. Bhutan tour package Singapore would assist you in choosing the best time and weather to visit the place.

  • Enjoyable Bhutan tours

When you begin Bhutan tours, consider making a structured plan and begin early. It would cater to you with the opportunity to seek cheap ticket flights to the destination. Ensure that you discuss thoroughly with the travel agent about the best available deals for suitable accommodations. To delve deeper into the culture of the locals, you would be required to extend your vacations in Bhutan. You could enjoy warm hospitality, taste the finest cuisines, and relax in a stress-free, calm, and serene weather.

  • The fertility temple

You might wonder about the popularity of Chimi lhakhang. Also known as the fertility temple, numerous childless couples visit the temple to beget children. It is believed that the mad saint or the divine madman, popular names for a Lama Drukpa Kuenly had subdued a demoness with his mighty penis. As a result, giant penis murals have been displayed on the home walls in intricate designs and diverse colors. You might also come across giant carvings of wooden erections decorating the entrance of the temple. It is also believed that the phallus with silver handles given to women, visiting the temple begetting children, would help with fertility by dispelling hateful gossip and warding off evil spirits.

  • Experiencing the local culture

Your vacations in Bhutan would be incomplete if you do not gather an adequate understanding of the local culture. It would not be wrong to suggest that the country has been blessed by nature. Moreover, the Himalayas surrounding the region have been untouched by pollution. It would be a treat to visit a nation with clean and fresh air. The mesmerising beauty of the nation would make you visit Bhutan again. Experience the transience of the beautiful Leaching Monastery. You would enjoy striking souvenirs made by the residents on your way back home.

  • Festivals in the country

During the festive season, the otherwise silent remaining nation becomes incredibly lively. Numerous festivals have been held in the nation and a majority of these festivals; you would come across lively dances with people wearing different masks. It would offer you an invigorating experience.

Before you plan your visit to Bhutan, consider looking for the top travel insurance in Singapore to make your journey stress-free and hassle-free.