7 Mistakes Hotel Guests Often Do During Holidays

Staying at hotels has now become one of the tourist options for the community. However, it turns out that there are common mistakes that are often made when checking in or checking out at hotels.

Quoted from Travel and Leisure, according to Hotel Tonight CEO Sam Shank, looking for lodging and accommodation during the holidays can indeed drain energy. Especially if you just arrived at the airport, just entered the inn and had to leave the room to look for snacks.

So the main step that must be taken to be able to overcome the fatigue is to calm down. This is very important to prevent the occurrence of small mistakes that will add to the feeling of fatigue during the holidays.


  1. Forgot to ask for fees

Sometimes tourists forget to ask for cost details. Even though it is important to prepare for unexpected costs that still have to be paid.

So, it would be better before traveling, tourists to re-record all hotel costs from entry to exit with traveling companions to overcome the crisis. Tipping for some hotels also needs to be considered.

  1. Forgot to schedule an early check-in

Some hotels have strict rules regarding check-in and check-out. If you are late checking out, your personal belongings may be forcibly removed from the room. Therefore, you need to remember the time and check the hotel check-in and check-out schedules while on vacation.

  1. Forgot to ask about the type of room needed

Careful travel planning is important, including hours of sleep and rest at the hotel. Guests with the type of travelers who have difficulty sleeping and spend a lot of time outdoors, need to ask the hotel to be placed in a room that is closer to exiting the hotel, for example near the elevator and closer to the elevator so as not to disturb other room guests.

  1. Forgot to check things before leaving the room

Don’t forget to double-check everything before leaving the hotel room. Regularly, it is necessary to check important items that are carried while traveling, such as wallets, cellphones, and keys. Re-do the habit more strictly, especially at check-out.

  1. Did not correctly include personal information when checking in

When checking in, people usually only provide general information such as cell phone numbers. Though it is also important to provide other information such as email addresses and business cards. This is important to ensure that it is easy for the inn to contact and confirm you, including confirming the arrival time.

  1. Forgot to ask for additional facilities

For guests with special needs, it is important to politely ask the hotel staff for the availability of these items or needs. Usually, this relates to the facilities available in the room, where there are many types of sizes, types, and facilities in each room. If you want to move, you should immediately ask the staff at the front desk properly.

  1. Forgot to check the total bill

Details of the hotel bill per day are often sent via email. That’s why it’s important to check your emails daily, especially checking for inappropriate charges.

Enjoying cheap hotels in Singapore is indeed one of the fun things while on vacation. However, don’t forget to remember the check-in and check-out schedule, check your belongings, and pay before going on vacation.

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