The safari in the liwa desert shall not be a customary tour of the sumptuous desert. After a visit to this zone of the globe the trip is going to remain incomplete if you do not make reservations for the desert safari. The tour incorporates desert transportation, sight seeing and an encounter of the desert life style which also includes a stay at Bedouin camp, fooding and belly dancing activities depending on the selected package programmes as are available.

The mesmerizing experience of the desert safari of Abu Dhabi should not likely be missed. According to the package an experienced driver shall be picking the passengers up from the hotel along with a tour instructor in a Toyota jalopy. Various exciting destinations Shall be explored that is going to include – sand boarding, camel farm visit, Henna painting and most importantly the Al khatim desert which is an exciting part of the trip.

The packages that are available for the safari includes-

  • The overnight safari :

This is the best selling program that consists of transport facility, dune driving, an inspection to the qasr Al Sarab and send boarding you will be able to experience a memorable night full of adventure and fun ride.

the Toyota car it will be able to accommodate only 4 passengers as the back seats shall remain folded for keeping the requirements like the tents for the passengers , the equipments necessary for and boarding and pillows which are the Essentials for the night stay. For the liwa overnight desert safari the pickup time from the hotel Shall be at 1:30 p.m and the arrivals back to the hotel Shall be at 12 noon of the following day.

  • Full day tour :

The fun and electrifying ride of the city of liwa shall begin with the picking up of the passengers from the hotel. The timing for the pickup is at 8:15 to 8:30 in the morning from the place of Abu Dhabi. You shall be able to witness a the wonderful desert safari along with the sight of desert life along with the camel ride fun. You will also be able to participate in the various eye-catching activities like the sand boarding, sand dune bashing and also the camel farm visit. In the liwa safari full day tour you will be able to witness the best places in that zone in a day. The team is taking the responsibility of a memorable tour in the desert for many years.

  • The day trip :

the day trip in the includes the reception of the Toyota vehicle from the hotel in the morning and enabling people to witness the essentially beautiful places in the vicinity. The liwa day trip programme shall include the various activities along with the safari.

In this trip, you should not miss the evening safari of the desert. The safari and the tour shall not take place without the presence of an experienced driver and a tour instructor who is going to guide you through out the trip. A trip of this part of the globe you should not miss the ride in the hummer desert, camping in liwa desert , the night safari and the camel ride on the vast landscape. If you are planning of exploring the desert you should not miss the liwa desert from the map. It is an advice to hurry and get a package booked for an awe strucking experience in the deserts.

Providing a good stay and an extraordinary desert safari has always been the goal of the team along with a life time experience for the passengers of the desert of saudi Arabia, UEA, Oman and Yemen. The area comprises of nearly 360 sights of the mesmerizing landscapes.