What kind of a Party Arrangement Would Be Perfect for You

Organizing a company party is about more than the right technology or catering. It is important to answer the question: Why does this celebration fit our company exactly? Companies should organize a company party so that it becomes the highlight of the fiscal year. The following tips can help to opt for the right settings, including the Whitby Party Bus.

Form a Responsible Team

The company party is intended for the good of the company. Therefore, clear consultation and communication in the organization team in advance is the most important thing in order to avoid conflicts.

  • Whose job is the celebration exactly?
  • Is the helper team big enough?
  • Is it allowed to organize during working hours or are those responsible relieved accordingly?
  • Who communicates with the management?

If the team is up, the first meeting should serve to establish a sense of togetherness no matter how tight the time is. This can be stimulated with the following questions:

  • What do we know as a team, what strengths are there?
  • What kind of celebration do we want to have?
  • What kind of support do we need?

In addition, it must be clarified when it is possible to meet and which tools, such as Doodle or Dropbox, should be used to organize and plan.

Clarify Target Group

Companies often start organizing the company party before responsibilities are clear and the team is in place. But without proper preparation it will be a company party like any other. If you want to create a suitable, special celebration, you have to ask yourself the following questions: Why does this celebration fit our company exactly?

To do this, it must first be clear who the company party is being organized for. In the event industry, the following applies: An event is only a complete success if the target group feels it too. It is not only a matter of technical functioning and that the client is satisfied. In this case you have to understand your own employees as the target group for the company party:

  • What affects the employees?
  • What kind of appreciation is never time for in day-to-day operations?
  • What should one urgently offer the employees?
  • How have the company parties gone so far?
  • What did you like the years before and what didn’t?

If you haven’t been with the company long, you can start with an informal survey during your lunch break.

Choose a Favorable Time for the Company Party

Just as important as knowing the wishes of the workforce are also having their duty roster on the screen: Can all employees take part in the company party? The time of the celebration should be so that everyone can be relaxed. In some industries or institutions there may be a lot going on in the evenings. Then, for example, a brunch is ideal or a spring festival when the productive Christmas season is over.

Make the Invitation Exciting

It’s also worth investing energy in the invitation, even if the majority of the workforce is coming anyway. The dramaturgy of an event begins weeks before the actual date! At the latest with the invitation, tension and anticipation should be aroused. For example, can a story be broached and then continued at the party?