Bachelorette party: tips for organizing yours

When planning a wedding there are several things you need to think about, at the reception location, the guest list, the decoration, the dress and much more. In the middle of this rush it is common to forget to plan one of the most fun parts: the hen night. Thinking about it, we wrote this article with tips for you to organize your bachelorette party, check out.

Plan ahead 

The first thing you must define is the date of your hen night. If you have guests coming from another city or state, it may be a good idea to say goodbye on a day close to the wedding. But beware. Be sure to have the party the night before the ceremony, after all you won’t want to be tired, or hung over, on your big day, will you? Prepare a list with the guests, so as not to leave anyone important out. To help with the organization, you can set up a group on WhatsApp or create an event on Facebook, so that everyone is informed.

Define a theme   

Setting a theme for the bachelorette party is not mandatory, but it can be a lot of fun. Take the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, the party can be cabaret style, with a tropical climate, fantasy and much more.

Fun and creative games   

Any bachelorette party is more fun with some games to relax. A classic is that of “Discovering Lingerie”, where the bride has to find out which of the guests gave the gift and if she makes a mistake she is obliged to pay a gift. The “End Never” game is another great one. It works like this: the bride or one of the guests says that she never did anything and those that already did need to take a sip of the drink and continue on and on. You can also go to a casino to play one or two rounds of poker.

Favors for the guests   

Preparing a treat for the guests is a way to demonstrate how you value your presence at your bachelorette party. There are several options: bottles of drinks and personalized bowls, cans with sweets, candies, lipsticks and nail polish, caps, headdresses, towels and much more.

And the location

Have you already defined the date and the guest list, defined a theme, thought about the games and souvenirs, what was missing? It is the location, of course. It is common for bachelorette parties to be held in clubs or nightclubs, but in these places you and your guests will have to share the space with others who can end the fun. If you want a truly exclusive party, just for you and your guests, the best option is hiring a limo rental service. However, if you want to do something unique, why not hiring Niagara Wine Tours with limo bus? The luxury limo bus has a capacity for up to 30 passengers and has air conditioning, bathroom, top quality sound, DJ and bartender. You select the best drinks in the package and you can also add snacks, beverages and sweets.