4 Key Details Guests Always Look For in Hotels

The ever-evolving outlook on life that people have helps keep various service providers on their toes. As personal values among consumers change, standards for what is exceptional or excellent transform as well.

This is one of the leading reasons why there’s such a large variety of hotels or accommodation to choose from these days.

For example, hotels in top tourist destinations feel the need to cater to two kinds of customers: young and adventurous guests (mostly backpackers) looking for budget-friendly accommodations, and leisure travelers who visit new locations and spare no expense. As a result, hotels offering budget-friendly dorms or sleeping pods, as well as hotels with big, luxurious rooms, are on the rise.

Likewise, more and more hotels and inns are creating special packages that are more affordable so budget travelers do not automatically cross them out from their list of accommodation options.

But regardless of whether hotel guests are strictly on a budget or have money to burn, there are specific things that both kinds of guests truly appreciate and enjoy about hotels and other paid accommodation. Learn about these four key details below.

1. A strategic location

Where the hotel is located is always a key detail that guests take into consideration. It is a huge advantage for them to find accommodation that will allow them to easily get to the places they want to visit, as well as the airport.

A strategic or ideal location is particularly important for weekend travelers who prefer not to spend most of their time on the road and want to experience as many activities in their destination as they can in a short amount of time.

2. Traditional elements

When a hotel has a story and it boasts of the local culture, these contribute to the pleasant experience people desire when visiting a new place. While these may not be the top requirements for all hotel guests, they are certainly greatly appreciated.

For instance, an Arabian-themed hotel in a city like Dubai that provides guests with insight into the unique local culture easily gains attention. People who travel want a full experience of the place they are visiting, and it’s an advantage to find a hotel that is consistent with what the city stands for.

An unforgettable meal is another thing that hotel guests seek to experience when staying in a vibrant destination. This is why they are happily drawn towards hotels with exciting hotel restaurant concepts that offer them a refreshing taste of the country’s authentic cuisine as well as familiar and much-beloved dishes that are sure to please the palate.

3. Special deals

There are hotel guests who check out hotel deals and special offers for the purpose of saving money. However, there are also those who make sure to specifically look them up because they prefer a carefully designed program for their hotel stay rather than taking the time to plan their days on their own.

Such special deals are popular among weekend travelers because not only are they assured of a great provision at a price they can afford, but it also allows them to pack more experiences into the limited time they have.

4. A high level of hospitality

Whether a hotel is a budget one or a five-star one, guests always observe the way they are treated by the establishment. The quality of hospitality and the level of customer service a hotel delivers can easily make or break a guest’s travel experience.

Hotel staff who extend a friendly welcome provide guests with a general idea of how the rest of their stay would go. It is the first demonstration of hospitality and, typically, the hotels that put the effort to receive their guests in the warmest manner hold high standards in all aspects of their operations. You can be sure that these hotels’ staff will go the extra mile in ensuring that guests are comfortable, happy, and have everything they need.

A high level of hospitality is also the reason why a century-old ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), for example, remains one of the top accommodations in Japan despite the many new and modern five-star hotels in the country. The proprietress, called okami, lives by the principle that every small detail matters, and there’s always a way to further improve on things. All the guests are amazed by it and say that the superb service and hospitality are precisely what set the ryokan apart.

The way hotels pay attention to details valued by their guests is a manifestation of their level of dedication to service. Hotels with staff who help maintain a wonderful atmosphere, make you feel welcome by knowing your name, are mindful of offering services, deals and experiences that guests are likely to enjoy, and are caring enough to inquire after anything you need are always worth repeat visits in the future.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.