Important Factors to consider while planning Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

Leh Ladakh offers you the serenity of nature amidst which you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you love your bike, then take it out for a tour among the massive mountains and the flora of the ranges which India offers you. Leh-Ladakh is considered to be one among the most challenging routes for bikers.

Here are some factors which you need to consider while planning Leh Ladakh Bike Tour:

  • Pick the correct Bike and get it serviced: Since your Leh Ladakh tour shall encompass difficult terrain, you should be careful while picking a bike. Examine all the features of the bike, and ensure that it is well-maintained.

Remember that you are embarking on a long journey so if your bike is not in a proper condition, you should get it serviced. All parts of your bike should function properly. Safety is of utmost importance so carry equipment with which you can overcome the minor issues and repair the damaged parts.

  • Carry Food supplies and First aid: It is better to carry your foodstuffs. You should not depend on vendors for your foodstuffs. Carry a lot of packaged food items such as biscuits, chips, glucose and others.

Also, store protein bars and easy-to-cook food such as oats and noodles. You can also consider Leh Ladakh bike trip packages if you are not entirely confident about going solo. Carry your first aid kit which should include antiseptic, medicines for fever and body-ache and Band-Aids.

  • Plan out your Bike tour: It is essential for you to plan out your Leh Ladakh Bike Tour thoroughly. There are two routes to Leh: one through Srinagar and the other through Manali. The path through Manali is popular because of the dangerous terrains. But you can also take the former route in which you can stop by and view Rohtang La, Sarchi, and Upshi. You should decide your path beforehand according to your capabilities.
  • Know the right Season: The roads of Leh Ladakh get blocked due to extreme weather conditions. So, it becomes difficult for the vehicles to pass. Most Leh Ladakh bike trip packages take you there from mid-May to mid-October because the roads of Srinagar and Manali open during mid-May.

Additionally, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol and antidepressants on your tour. Moreover, you shall carry all the essential documents such as Driving Licence, bike papers, and insurance. Following all these points shall enable you to have a safe bike trip. To know more, visit