Types of Visas You Must Know About

A visa is basically the grant from the country in which you want to gain access. If the country doesn’t give you the grant then your process will definitely get the denial. There can be different reasons that can actually lead to the denial of the visa application. It is important to know about the different kinds of visa you can have if you want to travel or visit another country.

Instant tourist visa

Depending on your motive of visit, the instant tourist visa can vary. It means that an instant tourist visa can be made available instantly. It means that, it doesn’t take enough time as compared to the other kinds of visas. An instant tourist visa can be for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and more. The ones who want to visit on the travel visa get the visa of 6 months and if they require, they can get it extended from the immigration authorities by submitting an application form.

Transit visas

It is one of the stories visas one can get. As compared to other different kinds of visa, it is simple to get. The people who want to use a country like a transit, they can go for the transit visa. The transit visa is not valid beyond 72 hours of the approval.

Working holidays visa


If you want to know what is a visa? You must go for the name of the visa first. As the name suggest, it is the type of visa in which you will go to the country for exploring it in the holidays and at the same time, you will do some sort of work for carrying out the expenses. If you are having a simple tourist visa or travel visa, you can’t work in the country. If you want to work in the country also then you can go for the working holiday’s visa.

Student visa

As the name suggests, this visa is meant for those who want to study in a particular country. For this, they have to get the admission to a particular college in the country and then you can live in the country for carrying out the study.