Windsurfing wetsuit buyers guide

Whenever you are planning to buy a wetsuit, you need to be sure of a few things and accordingly step out for shopping one.

  1. Research well on the kind of wetsuits available out there and which one would you be needing
  2. What kind of sizes do you need to buy?
  3. What kind of wetsuit is suitable for what kind of water temperature?
  4. What thickness neoprene would you need? And how would you be able to tell the thickness by just looking at the wetsuit.

In case you are windsurfing in cold water, in that case always opt for a good quality wetsuit. These are not economical for sure so you should be prepared to spend money on this. Whatever said and done, these are simply worth all the investment that you will make. Also as a thumb rule remember that the longer you stay in the water, the more number of waves you will get. So accordingly, the colder the water, better the suit should be.

Kind of wetsuits – There are a number of wetsuits to choose from. All of these wetsuits have their own pros and cons which you need to assess as per your need. The choice you make shall be dependent on the environment you will be surfing in. The various kinds include:

  • Wetsuit vest
  • Wetsuit jacket
  • Short john wetsuit
  • Long john wetsuit
  • The spring suit
  • The short arm steamer
  • The full suit

Size and fit of the wetsuit – Again fit is of supreme importance. Find out your height, hip, chest, waist measurements and then head on to buy the one that you need. There are a number of brands which start their wetsuit range from XXS to XXL. These are the letters which relate to the sizes and measurements of the surfers. You need to be sure of what wetsuit you are going to wear while surfing. Of course, if you would be surfing, you just cannot afford to have a costume malfunction. So choose whatever you feel comfortable in.

Temperature guide – You need to get in touch with a local guide in case you are not aware of the thickness and type of the wetsuit you need. You need to find out the temperature guide which shows the various degrees of water temperature and the thickness of suit you must opt for in case you want to maintain a comfortable body temperature while you are windsurfing