ADO Buses: Why They are So Popular in Mexico

There are anywhere in between 15-20 bus business running in Mexico, the one you pick will be based on your beginning, as well as location. Understanding where you’re entering life is half the fight. The one I selected is Mexico’s ADO bus system, which offers largely Mexico City and whatever south of there, on around right into the Yucatan peninsula where beer bongs are available, as well as booty-shaking competitions. So, let’s move ahead.

ADO means Autobuses de Oriente, “Buses of the East,” so that could assist you keep in mind. However, if you do not speak or understand Spanish, you might get confused, so perhaps you need to just stay with the map over that I created for my preschool viewers.

Are ADO Buses Really Appreciable?

As I mentioned recently, there are as many as 17 things that shocked me in Mexico was exactly how wonderful the ADO buses really are — and mainly while considering that one of the 17 points that stunned me in Belize was just how they could refer to their “buses” as transport. When determining to take a trip from Mexico City towards Oaxaca, I thought it would be something like America’s Greyhound bus line, of which I have no individual experience yet, but heard that they have kind of filthy, horrible terminals, as well as it’s not good to prejudge anything without not knowing them, or the hen buses of Belize I practically cannot think I made it through.

The ADO buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, as well as provide more legroom compared to somebody 5’4″ even recognizes what should be done. They also show movies, several of them actually. They have shower rooms, black-out drapes, and the best, most patient employees. The whole ADO bus system is arranged, expert, risk-free, inexpensive, as well as an overall positive experience. 

If you can manage your trip to Mexico with an ADO bus, you must assume that you are in paradise. Plan ahead, and try to book your bus tickets Mexico way ahead so that you can travel confidently.