Amid Global Pandemic, Royal Holiday Vacation Club Working Hard To Promote High Safety And Sanitation Standards

Like so many others, tourism industry has also been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. Still, since things have now improved to some extent compared to what it was before, hotels and resorts all over the world are slowly opening its doors to visitors—in places that have been declared safe to visit. 

However, this global pandemic has meant that all hotels, resorts and other tourist facilities need to observe strict safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure a safe and risk-free environment for all the visitors as well as for the staff working at these facilities. 

It has been the same for the Royal Holiday Vacation Club, a global leader with partnerships with more than 180 prime luxury resort and hotel chains. Already few months into the pandemic, all Royal Holiday destinations (that were still open or had opened) were meticulously observing all safety, cleanliness and hygiene guidelines that were put in place by CDC and WHO. 

However, recently the Club has partnered with Cristal International Standards and with Ecolab to ensure optimum safety to all visitors and staff across all its destinations. In this again, Royal Holiday is playing the vanguard in the hospitality sector.  

Royal Holiday Safety and Sanitation Procedures

Members of Royal holiday will be assured to find that all Club destinations have now put into place a Safe Guest Program designed to meet all necessary requirements and certifications established by Cristal International. These certifications include covid-19 POSICHECK Certification, ROOMCHECK, FOODCHECK, water system AQUACHECK and POOLCHECK Certification.  

In essence, the Safe Guest Program established by Royal Holiday is meant to provide optimum safety and unique experiences for all its guests and members during the entire duration of their stay at a hotel or a resort facility. 

Public Areas and Check-in

The POSICHECK protocol requires that upon arrival of a guest, the hotel personnel must check the guest’s temperature and will request him to fill out a personal health related questionnaire. All these are considered as part of the check-in process. Once these initial procedures are completed and the guest is cleared for a stay at the hotel, he will be shown to his room by an attendant. However, his luggage will only be transported to his room once they have been thoroughly disinfected from outside using quality-assured Ecolab products. 

The POSICHCEK certification also requires that all public areas of the hotel are disinfected at regular and frequent intervals. Hand sanitizing gel will be available at all the different stations at the hotel and the guests will also require to observe proper social distancing measures as specified by Cristal International throughout their stay. 

Guest Rooms

ROOMCHECK Certification standards will be applied for cleaning and maintenance of all guest rooms at the facility. All regular effects of a room (telephone, remote controls, electrical outlets and the like) will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the arrival of a guest and immediately after he vacates the room. In addition, the guests will be provided with a personal hygiene kit and a dedicated TV channel (broadcasting detailed safety protocols) will be made available on all hotel television sets. 

Food & Beverage, Pool and Entertainment Areas

Similar to public areas, all entertainment facilities (gym, spa, kids club, etc.) will observe all Cristal International hygiene and cleanliness guidelines. Similarly, pool areas will observe highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to accord with the POOLCHECK Certification. Sunbeds around beach or pool areas will be grouped in pairs with a minimum of 5 feet gap between two pairs. 

 As for food areas, all pubs and restaurants will operate at reduced capacities; the tables will be arranged with a minimum of six feet between them; all cutlery and accessories will come sealed; and food preparation, serving and storage will be conducted in accordance with the FOODCHECK and AQUACHECK Certification measures.