Exciting Tours St Petersburg: A Cultural Journey

The cultural center of Russia, St. Petersburg is your go-to city for historical masterpieces. Tours St Petersburg will guide you through a step-by-step journey into a world of architectural whimsies, as well as cultural sophistication. Let’s look through the window of all that is St. Petersburg, Russia.


Founded by Peter the Great in 1703, St. Petersburg features some of the world’s finest art and ballet. The second-largest city in Russia, it is home to 150 palaces, as it used to be the country’s capital for a time. Many guests on Tours St Petersburgenjoy visiting its more than 200 museums. In the summer, its castles and White Nights become favorite hotspots.

Elegant Canals

Known by some as “the Venice of the North,” St. Petersburg has a network of canals, with some lined by mansions. Hop inside a boat and enjoy cruising along these canals, or cross over one of the 342 bridges in the city. Meander along the historic center that has beautiful plazas dressed in baroque and neoclassical palaces. Travel north of the city and find unspoiled beaches just waiting for you to visit.

A Powerhouse of Culture

St. Petersburg contains an almost unmatched wealth of art and culture. If you so desire, you could spend several days inside of the Hermitage, viewing Picasso paintings or Egyptian mummies. If you are into ballet, St. Petersburg is full of opportunities to see world-class ballet performances. Classical concerts abound, and during the summer months, big-name music festivals come to town.

Must  Visit

  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral: Climb 250 steps to get a 360-degree view of the city.
  • Yeliseyev: Gourmet food market in a newly restored 1903 Art Nouveau building
  • Korovabar: This place has a young, fashion-conscious crowd, with the best mojitos in town
  • Mariinsky Theater: Mausoleum for Russia’s royal family, where the ballet performs.
  • Tinkoff: This industrial-chic space houses Russia’s first private brewery.

When to Visit

You may be wondering when it would be the best time to go on Tours St Petersburg. This depends on what aspects of the city you are looking to enjoy. Most travelers look forward to coming to St. Petersburg in the summertime, to come to Summer White Nights, which is an international arts festival of fantastic opera and ballet performances at the Mariinsky Theatre. If this is your cup of tea, visit St. Petersburg in late June and early July. Would you prefer to bundle up? February is its coldest month. The ground will be covered in dazzling snow, and the culture in St. Petersburg will be equally as sparkling.