Menorca, your next summer escape

A slower pace in time’s steps, the soothing sound of the ocean waves, the dazzling warm sunlight welcoming you to a new day, and many  activities to do as you explore this, one of the largest, most beautiful and more peaceful Spanish islands, Menorca.

As most of us, city-dwellers, are always running late for a work meeting, or just in time for an appointment, and generally living up to a clock’s pacing we might be (without even noticing it) just about to get in a state of mind where we start thinking that this kind of everyday stressful situations are just about as normal as drinking a glass of water. That’s when you need to me remembered of what relaxation feels like. And that’s when knowing about this little piece of paradise comes in handy for your next escape from the city’s routine.

As the stunning beauty of every corner of the entire island isn’t lost anywhere you go, location is just a matter of preference as there are a whole lot of options when it comes to renting villas in Menorca, thus giving you the opportunity to choose between waking up with a panoramic view of the blue ocean across your room’s balcony, or maybe a better look at those beautiful classic Spanish structures across Menorca’s main cities.

Menorca offers over a hundred beaches of mesmerizing beauty, crystal-clear ocean waters, pure white and soft sand, and endless possibilities on activities that a single person couldn’t complete in just one trip (of course, inviting you to come back just to try out the rest of them).

For those who are into exploring, hiking and admiring nature, Menorca offers you the option to go on trips around the natural reserves, where nature’s gifts are to be seen in any direction as you walk in a warm and inviting weather. You can even choose between just a regular hike, a relaxing bike trip, or even Kayaking on crystal blue ocean water as you visit the caves and the surroundings of the island. It also offers relaxing options in their classical Spanish architecture towns, where every street has these traces of  medieval architecture (and you can find numerous restaurants all over them), where you can find large squares to relax and admire those gothic styled churches that are to be found in town. It doesn’t matter what kind of tourist you are (the “I want to do it all” or the “I just came here to chill out” kind), Menorca surely offers you just what you’re looking for.