Millenary Japan vs technologic Japan

Japanese culture and the whole Land of the Rising Sun is like a magnet: the mix of millenary tradition and futuristic avant-gardes make luxury holidays in japan an authentic combination of unforgettable feelings and experiences.

Blooming cherry trees and futuristic skyscrapers, sacred temples and bullet trains which float over rails, little street markets with wicker baskets and malls that bring to the present the changes of the next century: Japan takes the definition of contrast at its maximum, so visiting it is a must for every intrepid traveler who likes to know different cultures and get immersed in them. What divides and what put together millenary Japan with technologic Japan?

Millenary Japan

Millenary Japan is not only visible in pagodas and temples, but also in its landscapes where it seems time has not passed. Some examples of this Japan where all the clocks seem to stop are:

  • Flowers seas in Hokkaido and its blooming cherry trees make of this northern islanda calm paradise and a gift to our eyes full of natural parks.
  • The astonishing Fuji hill and its temple, which is a place of peregrination that, the same as Mecca in Arabic culture, is a compulsory visit for the Japanese culture. It is said that you have to walk its 3.776 meters of height to reach complete peace. The views there are truly incomparable.
  • Hiroshima, a city peacefully and calmly reborn after a sad event: its total destruction caused by an atomic bomb.
  • Hakone and its spas with views the Fuji hill, whose thermal waters are synonym of relax just 100 kilometers away from the stressed and crowded city.
  • Nara, capital of temples, was the first big city in the united Japan. It is a beautiful example of architecture based on temples. The peace and calm that this city breaths is clearly noticeable when you see one of the many holy stags that walk freely through its area.

Technologic Japan

The main hub of technologic Japan is its capital, Tokyo. It is not only the biggest city in the world, but also the one with the most advanced technology. With a population as big as Canada, the word metropolis is not enough to describe Tokyo.

When we go to the heart of Tokyo, we discover a sea of neon where culture and technology are everywhere. Despite not knowing any building except the majestic telecommunications tower (really similar to Eiffel Tower, but higher and red), many of them will look familiar to us because we saw it previously in films, manga, tv shows…

Walking through Tokyo is one of the most stimulating things we can do in our lives: super-decorated streets, all kind of different people (special mention to the elegant Harajuku neighborhood and Takeshita street). Additionally, we can find a mall in every corner, where we can “travel to future” and discovering the most advanced gadgets.

But, does all the technology and futuristic environment exist just in Tokyo? The Japanese capital may be the main hub, but visiting the country with the emblematic bullet train or discovering the other big capitals such as Osaka or Kyoto (beautiful and monumental), we will have the feeling of travelling through time, both to the past and the future.