Our Favorite Things About Camping

Camping lets us step back to a simpler time. Each day offers new opportunities and adventures. The only schedule you need to follow is the one that you create. At the end of day immersed in nature, you can sit at fire and absorb the night sky. Learn more about the thrill of camping by reading here.

The Pace of Life

You can completely disconnect from technology while on your camping adventure. The stress and fast pace of everyday life can be left behind at your home. Camping provides a glimpse at the way life was and, in part, can be. What is important to your daily well-being will become readily apparent at your campsite.

Camping will compel you to slow down your pace. Your morning coffee does not have to be on the run. After percolating coffee over the fire, you can leisurely sip your morning java. Now, you have the time to read the book you heard was so great; learn how to paddleboard; go fishing and feed the crew for dinner; truly you can do what you want!

Getting Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine – nature’s best remedy! Air near waterways and forests is filled with negative ions, which can have a positive effect on you. Breathing in this air actually makes you happier by reducing your stress levels. Inhaling air charged with negative ions can positively enhance how your body’s immune system operates. At the end of the day, or for afternoon naps, you fall into a deeper and more beneficial sleep. Camping has you immersed in fresh air throughout the day and night.


Another amazing favorite thing about camping is reconnecting with family, friends, and yourself. Setting up camp requires more than one person. Needing to rely on others strengthens our relationships with them. After camp is set, then you have the option of solitude and group activities.

Learn more about yourself, your friends, and family through your camping adventure!