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Top Things To Do on Samosir Island at Lake Toba


Located in North Sumatra, Lake Toba is an astonishing piece of mother nature. The lake is 100 kilometers in length and 30 kilometers in wide and can be encompassed by the most landscapes.  Nevertheless, you will find the lake as the most fascinating thing. You will be astounded to find that ‘Lake’ Toba was once ‘Mount’ Toba. It was a result of an eruption which estimated to be 100 times bigger than any other eruptions in recent history. It was believed that the eruption caused a ‘winter’ everywhere for 6-10 years and a dramatic decrease in population.

Samosir Island was formed as a consequence of the eruption, and thanks to its attractive beauty and vibrant culture, it became a famous traveler destination. There are some pretty amazing things to do while you are on the island. Here are some of the top things to do on Samosir Island at Lake Toba.

  1. Visiting an authentic Batak village

Visit the tribal villages of Tomok or even Ambarita to find out more of Lake Toba’s people. The Batak culture has a history between stories of people beheadings and cannibalism. And the traditional Batak houses are genuinely remarkable.

  1. Looking for the King’s Stone Chair

Located inside the traditional village of Ambarita, The Kings Stone Chair is a reminder of the Batak’s history. Through the reign of King Siallagan, here’s where wrongdoers will be publicly trialed. And if the crime was considered severe enough, beheaded. Following the execution had taken place, the body is going to be mutilated, and the parts were given to people that are local to consume.

  1. Seeing a lake within a lake

It’s unusual to find a ‘lake within a lake,’ but on Samosir Island, you can see this phenomenon. The first lake is ‘Lake Sidohoni’ and the second lake is ‘Lake Aek Natonang.’ They are both beautiful, but the latter appears to be suitable if you want to swim. Both lakes are situated up in the mountains, around a one-hour drive from Tuk Tuk and offer magnificent views on the travel there.

  1. Practicing Batak Dancing

At 10.30 am every morning, tourists can try Batak Dancing outside the Batak Museum at Ambarita. Bagus Bay Homestay also hold a show every Wednesday & Saturday night from 8.30pm.

  1. Swimming at Lake Toba

You can’t go to Lake Toba without taking a dip in the lake, but make sure to do your research first as to where it is secure. Tabo German Bakery at Tuk Tuk has a safe area, and the surrounding views are incredible.