How to Maximize Fun and Minimize Stress on Your Royal Holiday Mexican Vacation

Though vacations are ideally meant to help you offload some of the work- and life-related stress you carry around in the day-to-day, they can end up being a source of stress if you’re not careful. If you’ve ever gone through the trouble of planning out a vacation to the last detail only to have one careless remark or comment throw all your plans into doubt, you’re not alone. Traveling can be scary and intimidating, especially if you’re going alone. If you’re headed for the gorgeous Mexican coast, however, the only thing to fear is that you won’t get to take advantage of all the amazing cultural highlights that this glorious destination has to offer. If you want to maximize safety, sightseeing, and thrills on your trip, here are a few Mexican hotspots you should consider for your next Royal Holiday trip.

Best Beaches: Cozumel

At Royal Holiday’s Grand Park Royal Cozumel location, you’re surrounded by beautiful beachfront views wherever you turn. If you’ve heard about how great the beaches are in Mexico, you don’t want to make the mistake of skipping Cozumel and heading straight for a more heavily publicized area like Cancun or Mexico City. Smaller cities like Cozumel have plenty of charm and way less tourist traffic, which means you’ll be able to safely enjoy the stunning El Cielo beach without any competition.

Best Archaeological Sites: Cancun

Once you’ve enjoyed some of the quieter sights and sounds of Cozumel, heading to any of Royal Holiday’s Cancun locations, such as the Grand Park Royal Cancún Caribe or the Park Royal Cancún, will provide a welcome change of pace. If you love a good dig site, you won’t be disappointed by Cancun’s awesome Mayan ruins and archaeological attractions like the famous Chichen Itza and the breathtaking Tulum ruins.

Best Eats: Puerto Vallarta

Relaxing at Royal Holiday’s Park Royal Los Tules or Torre Condomar Sunscape PV Resort & Spa hotel is the perfect way to start out your day in Puerto Vallarta. From there, you can hit the beach, head to a kid-friendly attraction like Canopy Bay or Las Animas Adventure Park. If you’re an adult in need of some relaxation and recharging, you can treat yourself to some world-class Puerto Vallarta specialties such as birria or street tacos.

Best Views: Ixtapa

If you go on vacation strictly for the views, either of Royal Holiday’s Ixtapa properties, the Las Brisas Ixtapa or the Park Royal Ixtapa, are certain to offer you that sense of perspective you’ve been craving. The Playa Larga offers panoramic beachfront views, along with the beautiful Playa Linda. If kids are along for the ride, why not take them to the Dolphinarium at Delfiniti?

Best of All Worlds: Mexico City

If you’re the kind of traveler who doesn’t want to miss out on anything, you’re most likely to find the best that Mexico has to offer in one, convenient location: Mexico City. In addition to being the safest-ranked location in the country, Mexico City truly has it all, from incredible food to awesome nature hikes to fun food and drink tours that expose you to the city’s many delights. Whether you’re staying at Royal Holiday’s My Place at Santo Domingo or the Gallery at My Place Condesa, the city’s charm will come alive the moment you step out of the airport.  To find out more the Royal Holiday Vacation Club contact number is (800) 961-1810.