5 Incredible Things To Do In Madrid

Madrid — the capital city of Spain with a fair share of the hustle and bustle — have a lot of exciting destinations to be explored by adventurers who want to do incredible things like you. From markets, theatres, nightclubs, terraces, and many others, Madrid has the top hot spots that you shouldn’t miss visiting for total satisfaction. Now, get to know the top on the list:

Spectating the Great Views of the City from Círculo de Bellas Artes

When you get the chance to mingle with some of the locals in Madrid, one of the things they never miss uttering is to admire a stunning sunset from the famous rooftop terrace. The Círculo de Bellas Artes, a frequent hang-out spot for both locals and visitors, has become an all-time favorite destination, especially on summer evenings.

As a Fine Arts Center which was built in 1880 in the center of Madrid by a private, non-profit cultural organization, this place exudes the city’s artistic life, offering an array of classes, displays, fairs, shows, and gigs. It’s a center that functions with transnational scope in the field of artistic creation and dissemination.

Witnessing Top Dance and Theater Performances at Teatros del Canal

Teatros del Canal, an appealing stage in Madrid, is included as one of the most current theaters in the area. This modern building, managed by two remarkable artistic directors — Natalia Alvarez and Alex Rigola, is a megastructure (a complex of 35,200 meters squared) located In the Chamberi area of the city, providing two performance spaces — the Green Hall and the Red Hall.

Dedicated to performing arts, the place is one of the recent technological developments in the Chamberi neighborhood. Also, you can find here other halls such as the Black Hall (rehearsal hall) and the Canal Dance Center.

If you want to experience the exceptional technical quality and artistic brilliance, visit Teatros del Canal, and you will surely be amazed by classical texts to modern performances. Your group will give a thumbs up with regular events such as dance performances, concerts, Spanish operetta, opera, cabaret, circus, and flamenco that can be witnessed here.

Strolling through the Romantic El Capricho Park

When you reach a district of Barajas in Alameda de Osuna, you will discover the magnificent El Capricho Park. They call the place as “The Whim” because it’s a planned space (fourteen-hectare ground) full of plants and other forms of nature that serves as a “jewel of reminiscence” and a shrine to 15th-century flavor.

El Capricho Park was constructed with the help of architect Jean-Baptiste Mulot, who used to work for Marie Antoinette as a French garden keeper. With the style of an English garden, the romantic temples and statues across the park continue to marvel increasing numbers of visitors every year.

Experiencing the Thrill when You Visit the Atlétitco de Madrid at Wanda Metropolitano

If you are a sports lover, and fond of watching championships, there’s one spot in Madrid that you should never miss visiting — Atlétitco de Madrid at Wanda Metropolitano.  After doing a series of makeovers, this enormous football stadium now has a capacity of 67,829. This makes it an ideal venue for significant events and concerts. Visit this place to experience a thrilling moment with your group.

Gaining Fun and Excitement at the Escape Room in Madrid

Last but not least, the most incredible thing that you can do in Madrid is letting you and your companions test your senses, and you can do this by challenging yourself for a totally new experience —exploring without the sense of sight.

Head on to one of the most-visited amenities in the country, the Escape Room in Madrid as it provides a multisensory adventure that will illuminate your cleverness. It offers a logic game wherein participants will be locked in a thematic environment to find a way out by cracking riddles and puzzles. It is recommended for participants who are six years old and above. Ideal for everyone, children, adults, and seniors, especially people who are visually impaired, will appreciate the adventure.

This brilliant idea, an unforgettable experience you’ll experience in Madrid, brings an absolutely different setting that doesn’t look like anything that you’ve seen before. So, fine-tuning your senses — touch, smell, and hearing — will help you free yourself from mysteries and withstand the surprises.

Typically, some people are scared to go blind, but this game will help them gain confidence because they can go in groups — either composed of two, three, four, or five individuals — to explore the dark area. Also, the game master is always available to assist you. If in case you can no longer withstand the darkness, he can adjust the level of difficulty for your safety, plus you can head on to an emergency door for a quick exit.

One More Thing Before You Go

Consider the five most-visited destinations, mentioned above if you go to Madrid. They are the top ideal spots where you can do incredible things that you and your group will genuinely enjoy.