One of the most famous tourist resorts in Hurghada is El Gouna, many tourists and visitors come to visit one of the best and most beautiful resorts in Egypt in general, we will learn in detail about El Gouna, its location, date of establishment and activities that are held on its land and sea, Follow us ..

El Gouna Establishment Date:

Orascom was founded in 1990 and on the Red Sea near Hurghada. El Gouna is located on the Red Sea coast 22 km north of Hurghada International Airport.

– El Gouna has many international hotels as well as a golf course, and there is a private airport for private jets.

– El Gouna is one of the most popular diving and water sports sites.

– El Gouna has two important beaches: Zaytouna Beach and Mangrove Beach. The resort has many water channels and villas and chalets. There are many wooden bridges on these channels to facilitate mobility.


– El Gouna consists of 6 main districts:

1- Marina Town neighborhood.

2 – Mediterranean neighborhood.

3 – the golf district.

4 – the Nubian.

5 – neighborhood plateau.

6- The Italian Quarter.

– It also consists of three central areas containing houses, blues, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs:

1- Down Town Area.

2 – area of ​​the field of Tamra Hanah.

3 – Marina Abu Tig area is the area that is renewed to accommodate a large number of yachts.

– El Gouna has its own radio station called El Gouna Radio.

– El Gouna contains 14 hotels between 4 and 5 stars and 6 stars, and there is a yacht marina called Abidos Marina.

– In El Gouna there is a fully equipped hospital with all the modern equipment. There is an international school EGIS. There is also a small museum with 90 pieces. The museum was opened in 1990 and displays works by the artist Hussein Picard.

– The Embassy of the Knowledge Embassy was opened in 2008 and is an advanced digital library. This library is linked to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from books, data, documents and archives.

– There is a beautiful shrine called the House of the Tortoise, which is an amazing building designed by the German architect Kurt Voltzky.

The most important activities held in El Gouna:


  1. Golf: There is a whole neighborhood called the golf district where there are a lot of places for golf.

2 – Diving Sports: El Gouna is one of the best diving sites that attract many tourists and visitors, where there is the most beautiful landscape of coral reefs and colored fish under the surface of the Red Sea.

3 – Cruise: It is possible to rent a boat or a private yacht and stroll through the Red Sea and landscape.

  1. Water sports: such as water skiing, parasailing and jet skiing.

Best El Gouna Hotels:

  1. Check Bellevue Beach.

2 – Rotor Al-Anda Hotel.

3 – Panorama Hotel Bungalows Resort El Gouna.

4- Sultan Bey Resort Hotel.

5 – Villa Hill El Gouna.

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