The city of Hurghada is one of the most charming tourist coastal cities with a view of the sea and the sea. It is considered a wonderful place to spend a pleasant time in the winter. There are many tourist attractions, especially the Red Sea.

One of the most famous attractions of the city of Hurghada is the marina, which began its work in 2008 and made this a special character, and tourists and residents of Hurghada began to enjoy the beautiful sunset view while enjoying the fresh air in this marina.

The marina is a 100 meter long marina and accommodates nearly 200 yachts and boats.


This area is a long street on one side of which are a number of Western and Arab restaurants and bars suitable for tourists and the other side is a view of yachts and boats anchored on the harbor along this street, these restaurants offer the most delicious dishes and drinks that satisfy all tastes , And there are many shops that sell souvenirs, perfumes, handicrafts, antiques, etc.,

There are about 20 restaurants and cafes inside the marina, and one of the most famous cafes is a nightclub called Babes Beach Club, which is the most famous nightclub in Hurghada and is famous for having the best DJ in the city.

The Maria area is designed in a distinctive, unique and sophisticated way to accommodate a distinctive spot within the field and is intended for many foreigners, Arabs and Egyptians as well.

For lovers of excitement and thrill there are some exciting games such as “Panji missile” is at a height of 42 meters, and when riding will see the city of Hurghada completely above the height of about 60 meters.

To reach Hurghada Marina we recommend that you request a private car or taxi if the hotel is close to the Marina area. If the hotel is far away, there are private buses to the Marina area on a daily basis depending on the program of each hotel or tourism company.

What are the most famous cafes and restaurants in Hurghada Marina?

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1 – Ice cream shop: a shop that offers traditional and innovative unconventional ice cream.

2 – HurghadaHurghada Amsterdam: A Dutch bar that feels you are on the territory of the Netherlands.

3- Baba Matrix: It is a tourist cafe to enjoy the various drinks and watching the games in the open air.

  1. Friends Bar Bar: A café and restaurant with an outdoor seating area offering the finest cuisine and drinks.

5- Hippo Hall: It is a suitable club for adults and children as well.

Cafés and restaurants are open at the Marina from 10 am to 12 pm

To inquire with the Marina Department

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Best Hurghada Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea:

  1. Golden Emperor 2 Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  2. Greenforce Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  3. Gulf Divers Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  4. Heaven Diamond Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  5. Heaven Explorer Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  6. Heaven Freedom Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  7. Heaven Imperial Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  8. Heaven Liberty Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  9. Heaven Majesty Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  10. Heaven Regency Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt