Church in Bled, a place to admire

Church of St. Martin is located on a prominent position above the lake. It was built in 1905, but its predecessors stood here much earlier.

If you think that you have seen something similar before, you are probably right, as the church in Bled was built according to plans of the architect of the Vienna City Hall, but the plans of the interior were changed. It is worth to see the interior, as some famous local artists created painting and sculptures.

Surroundings of the church in Bledare even more interesting. Namely, in front of the church, next to steps leading towards the lake, there is a garden signpost, designed by the greatest Slovenian architect, JožePlečnik. You will also notice that a wall surrounding the church in Bled. Most of the churches around Bled have walls built around them. This is a reminder of the Turkish invasion to these lands in the 15th century.

Take a pletna boat to the island

However, Bled has another church, which is perhaps even more interesting. The church on the island is a must when you come to Bled. This church in Bled was erected on a several millennia old remains of pagan altars, burial grounds, and altars.

This church in Bled can be reached by an electrical boat or by traditional pletna boat. It is a well-known pilgrimage church, named after Mary the Queen.

Yes, Bled is filled with historical and archaeological remains. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take a day off your sports activities and take time to admire rich history of this place.

Make a wish

Church in Bled is also famous for its wishing bell. This wishing bell has a long tradition, and you can read all about its history while visiting church in Bled.

So, when you come to Bled, take a trip to the island, make a wish and ring a bell. Every wish can come true!