Things to Do in Snowdonia North Wales

Snowdonia has a lot of attractions, and it brings together the uniqueness of North Wales. You can visit Snowdonia at any time of the year as it is spectacular during the whole season. Snowdonia is named after Mount Snowdon which is an 823 square mile national park which is established in the year 1951. The city boasts outstanding natural beauty with famous historical sites.

  • The first thing that you can do is visit Snowdonia’s peak which is Snowdon itself. Its height is around 1085 meter, and it receives attracting 6 million visitors every year.
  • Portmeirion is the second-best thing that you can visit. It was built by William-Ellis in the year 1925 with a vision for a perfect coastal village. The place is a masterpiece of Italian architecture with lush exotic woodland.
  • Then comes the Bardsey Island, it is the tallest lighthouse in the UK with amazing nature habitats. The island is the ruins of sixth-century monasteries with rocks and rugged scenery. You can enjoy watching dolphins, seals, etc.
  • You can enjoy the folk music of Wales with performances and exhibitions which brings the story to life. You can also try traditional local delicacies.
  • You can opt for a tour of the craggy, torchlit tunnels as this will let you experience the steepest mining cable railway in Europe. It was opened during the 1970s, and it is a homage to slate history.
  • Trefriw woolen mills is another hand-spinning masterpiece created by craftspeople, and this is the last mill which is in operation in Wales. The place is nearly 150 years old, and you can definitely pick up some natty knitwork.

Here, we have discussed various things that you can do in Snowdonia. All these attractive destinations with affordable hotels Snowdonia make it a must-visit tourist destination in North Wales.makes it a must-visit tourist destination in North wales.