Tourist Destinations in Hong Kong

Whenever a person feels the need to escape the monotonous lifestyle, he resorts to travelling to an enigmatic place. Travelling can bring with it a feeling of novelty and newness, about the place where one is and about himself, too. Full with the experiences of the trip, the person is ready to take on the challenges of his daily routine with immense zeal.

Talking about places full of newness and novelty, Hong Kong is a Special Administration Region of China. 428 sq miles in size, it has a myriad of places that one should invest time and money to see and experience. Here, we will discuss some visit-worthy destinations of Hong Kong, which are so mesmerising that no one minds the airfare from Singapore to Hong Kong. Let’s begin!

Tian Tan Buddha Statue or The Big Buddha

Situated in the Po lin monastery of the Lantau Island, the statue is 34 meters in height. It took 12 years until it was finally completed in the year 1993. The journey is as astounding as the statue itself, as you can take the Ngong Ping cable car, which takes you on a 5.2km and 25-minute ride over the magnificent forest, river and the mountain. The ride takes you to a small tourist base Ngong Ping village from where you have to walk your way to the monastery and the statue.

The Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive skylines which one can’t afford to miss when in the city. The vast assemblage of skyscrapers of both Hong Kong and Kowloon and the dense mountains and forest make up for an unforgettable sight. The Symphony of Lights laser and light show set to music is a blasting finisher.

Star Ferry

The very budget-friendly Star Ferry of Hong Kong dates back to 1880, is one of the best experiences that Hong Kong offers. You can get on one at Victoria Harbour, where plenty of them which around at the shore, controlled by there skilful captains. The sight of skyscrapers mixed with the freshness from the breeze off the water makes for an unforgettable moment.

The Victoria Peak

The best view of Hong Kong is from the highest point of Hong Kong. The Victoria Peak offers a vast look of the whole of Hong Kong, its skyscrapers, the tram network, and the forest. Most of the peak is covered with lush greenery and watch sites with views of the beautiful city. The view at night is spectacular. Both trams and taxi are available to reach the top.

The Repulse Bay and other beaches

Although one might not really be expecting it, Hong Kong is home to some beautiful and scenic soft-sand beaches. The most famous of them is the Repulse Bay beach. This is a rather soothing ad relaxed tourist spot. The Big Wave Bay is another spot where you can enjoy the slow ripples of water in an oval-shaped cut. The Shek O Beach is another spot to check out.

Wing Tai Sin temple

The temple is made in the honour If Taoist god Wong Tai Sin, who is regarded to bring good luck in horse racing and in illness. The original was a private structure built-in 1920. What visitors see today was built in 1968. The temple is divided into several complexes. Prominent in them are the Good Wish hall, Hall of three Saints and one dedicated to Confucius and his 72 disciples.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Situated in Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland has what you’d expect from Disneyland – a day full of joy with your favourite Disney characters. There are seven sections in Disneyland. Performances carry on for the entirety of the day in all the sections in the forms of musicals or parades. There are jungle cruises, Liki Tiki and you get to see Tarzan’s treehouse!


We often start feeling blase due to the monotonous routine that we acquire in our daily lives. Visiting a foreign destination can act as our escape from this and fill us with new zeal, of course, if the destination has the magic in it. Hong Kong is one such place where you can discover a whole new world leaving the worries of your own behind.