Dublin´S Cosiest Pubs To Ward Off The Cold In Front Of The Fireplace

In this cold and rainy winter typical of Ireland,sometimes you don’t even feel like leaving home.

When snow falls from the sky, it doesn’t only create picture perfect Dublin sights, it provides the perfect excuse to relax and warm up in front of a fireplace, in the company of friends, with good food and drink.

Many pubs preserve the habit of, on some days – or even all of them – keeping firewood burning to warm customers.

It’s like a movie set: armchairs, tables and stools, people sitting and gathering in the room while the fireplace warms everyone.

Bars are a place for fun and recreation, good conversation, good beer, and music. In a pub, you can philosophize about the meaning of life, debate global politics, listen to poetry, follow the beat of a percussion instrument, enjoy a dose of mussels, or drink a glass in front of a crackling, cosy fireplace.

That’s why we have selected five pubs for you to enjoy Dublin this winter.

  • The Library Bar

The Library Bar is perfect for relaxing with a pint in Dublin city centre.

Practically tucked away on the first floor of Central Hotel, just off George Street in central Dublin, the Library Bar can be considered a haven amid the bustle of the Irish capital. With cosy sofas and armchairs in addition to fireplaces, this pub is an excellent choice for enjoying a pint of Guinness while chatting with friends. They also offer a food menu with a selection of sandwiches, soups, salads, and main dishes for lunch and dinner.

  • The Bloody Stream in Howth

With a rustic atmosphere, The Bloody Stream is a cosy option for those visiting Howth.

For those who live near Howth or are visiting this region of Dublin in this freezing winter, the Bloody Stream, which is located just steps from Dart Station, is worth a stop.

With a rustic atmosphere, stone walls and a huge fireplace, this pub is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a pint in a warm atmosphere with live music. Also, the bar offers a menu with various seafood options.

  • The Harbour Bar

The Harbour Bar is a must for anyone passing through or living in Bray.

Located in front of Bray’s harbour, this bar is perfect for delighting a pint near the sea. In operation since 1872, the Harbour Bar has been renowned by the Harbour Bar, such as James Joyce, Katharine Hepburn, and Bono. In 2010, this pub was voted the best bar in the world by Lonely Planet magazine and travel guide because of its authentic atmosphere and passion for good music.

There, you can enjoy live performances of Irish music from Wednesday to Saturday. There are also performances by pop and rock bands on other days of the week. Upstairs, the bar has a lounge with sofas and fireplaces, ideal for relaxing and chatting with friends.

  • Arthur’s

Arthur’s is one of Dublin’s classic pubs.

More than 200 years old and located close to the Guinness factory, this pub is another classic of the Irish capital. Popular with locals and tourists alike, Arthur’s offers audiences live music sessions every night, plus a delicious menu of traditional Irish dishes. To warm up in this cold, the pub has two fireplaces that are always working and make the atmosphere even cosier.

  • Johnnie Fox’s

Also known as Ireland’s highest pub amid Dublin’s mountains, Johnnie Fox’s is also one of the oldest pubs in the country, opened in 1798.

And as you can imagine, comfort is not lacking in this place. With three fireplaces in the room, it will be impossible for you to get cold even in the high mountains of Dublin. The pub is also renowned for offering excellent musical attractions every day of the week, as well as a tasty food menu available for lunch and dinner.