Identifying the best hair cut for men

The time that men dedicate to the care of the body, today as never before, is huge and more and more they stand before the mirror to fix that last rebellious tuft before leaving the house. But have they ever wondered if the hairstyle they have chosen and which they proudly show off during the day is really the right one for the shape of their face, if it really is able to enhance their strengths?Whether your face is oval, round, square, triangle or diamond does not matter, what matters is to know how to choose the right hairstyle and perfect men’s barber shop in your town. Haircuts for men can be done only with a thorough analysis to find the best hairstyle for you.

Classifications of different face structures

Defined by many as the perfect face shape, the oval has the extremities of the wider forehead of the jaw and the slightly rounded chin profiles. If you are one of the lucky owners of the oval face you should not have problems of choice, every cut is the right one for you. Your cheekbones are the master, stealing the scene in front of a little defined chin. Yes, you are the ideal candidate for mister face round. In this case, to reduce the billiard ball effect you can opt for a very short cut at the sides and then play on the middle length. Perhaps with a tuft that goes to slim the shape of the face.

The cousin of the round face, forehead chin and cheekbone cheek lines of the same size, marked jaw of the same width of the forehead for a decidedly masculine face. In this case, masculinity is the characteristic to be exalted, choosing a total shave or a very short cut. If your jaw is wide and your forehead is narrow enough, go straight into the circle of the triangle face. You will have to mask the forehead to compensate for the jaw disproportion, choosing a soft, natural cut, perhaps with a slight fringe.

Conclusion: Tiny details that varies a lot

Remember that women can play much more than men on colors, lengths, folds, tricks, accessories, and clothing. But to be able to find the perfect man haircut you need to consider certain factors such as the shape of the face, the nose, if you have a high forehead, the type of hair and the amount of hair. Only in this way will you be able to easily find the right look. Because it is natural that a person who has a round face will not be able to show off the same cut of one who has squared or long. The same applies to those who have curly or smooth hair and for those with a high forehead or thinning hair.