Questions that you should ask yourself before planning a Vacation

There are so many places for you to explore, different culture to experience, so many languages to learn which makes it really hard for you to choose an ideal place for your vacation. Before you invest your precious time in doing research about the flights, accommodation and travel agency, you got to ask yourself a couple of important questions.

  • Location?

Make a list of things that you feel are must on your trip.

  • Chilling at the beach
  • Climbing the mountain
  • Exploring the unbeaten paths
  • Going for a long drive
  • Relaxing at the resort
  • Trying out various cuisines

           And so on.

  1.       Touring or tanning?

You should have a fair idea about your expectation from your trip. If you’re planning this vacation to escape from your busy schedule, ensure that you engage in the activities which help your reduce your stress level, and also be certain not to over plan your trip because  this can leave you stressed. Make it a point to do complete research about the place you want to visit. Also ensure that you book your tickets in advance before the seats fill up.

There are chances of you finding it difficult to choose between relaxation and exploration, ensure that you have a clear picture of the place and your expectations from this plan to avoid this confusion. You can also choose a place which can cater to all your moods. For example, Goa is such place where you can chill at the beach, party all night long, explore the streets of South Goa and so on. It is one of such destination to please all kind of people, varying in their preferences. Some who are always confused about choosing a destination should opt for Goa and book your Bangalore to Goa Flightsin case you are traveling from Bangalore or Mumbai to Goa Flights – in case you are traveling from Mumbai!

  1. Budget?

This is the question which should not be overlooked. It makes it easier for you to plan and schedule things if your budget is in place. Ensure that you have a defined budget in mind along with well-articulated research.

  • Know when to book your flight
  • Decide the activities you would like to engage in
  • Determine where are you going to stay and where are you going to eat?
  • Decide on whether to do shopping
  • Decide on how you could  cut on cost
  • Check about the deals and offers

  1.  Duration?

Three nights? A week? Three weeks?

The length of your vacation will determine the quality of your accommodation. Being confined in a hotel room which you’re satisfied with can considerably take away all of your happiness along with your hard earned vacation.

  1. When to Visit?

Your time for a vacation should be based upon the nature of your work, the time you can allot for a vacation, size of your budget, preferences of you and your family and also the weather conditions of that place. You need to ensure to check all these factors before you finalize your destination.

  1. Quality or Quantity

Is your ideal vacation backpacking in Leh Ladakh, hiking in Munnar, tenting in Manali, Chilling at beaches in Goa? Or you like the idea of an affluent home base with all the amenities and room to relax. Working on these factors can you give clear picture whether you want to splurge and have a lavish vacation or spend smart and go places.